Forex Broker – Cash Back

A rebate plan is a Cash Back deal which can save you a great deal of money when trading Forex.   For professional traders, a good Forex Rebate is a “MUST” when they decide to open a new Fx account. If you join our trading rebate plan, you get a Cash Back each time you execute a trade.That means that each time you open and close a position, you gain back an amount of cash even if it`s not profitable.

How does it work ?

When you open an account through Nishtha Group, the broker pays us part of their spread or commission profit for every trade you make as compensation for referring a customer to them. We then share the majority of our revenue with you, paying you a cash rebate for each trade you make as thank you for signing up with us.


Best Regulated Brokers

FCA (UK) , CySEC (Cyprus) , DFSA (Denmark), FSCA (South Africa)


How to get your cash-back ?

Nishtha Group offers a unique rebate program for every client who registers and opens a managed account .The amount of the rebate depends on the size of the managed account. The higher the size, the higher the amount of rebate the client will receive.
If you already have an account with a certain broker, and you have orders opened in this account, you can still join Nishtha Group. We will check if we have a partnership with this broker, and if we do have it, then we will  agree on the amount of rebate based on the account size .
But if turns out that we don`t have a partnership with the broker, then we will try our best to establish a partnership with this broker .

If you are already have Forex account, you can contact us, and we will provide you with the best possible account management offers and rebates program.