• Institutional investors

      1. Minimum 2000 needed for investment purpose.
      2. You will not be changing the existing password once agreement is done.
      3. First principle amount will remain in your own account and first 100% profit will also remain deposited with company. E.g. let's see an example, if you invest 2000 which will remain in your own account. Profit of 100% for the first profit booking will remain deposited as a security money. so it means 2000 will remain as a security deposit with company till 100% profit is not accumulated.Although, you will get relevant profit as per our agreement at the end of closing your account.
      4. By signing this form, you are agreeing that you are ready for taking financial risk and account management is no responsible for any losses occurs.
      5. If losses occurs more than 30% given in the account, you can opt out or keep account.
      6. If no profit occurs, you're not entitled to get any financial rewards.
      7. you've choose to take 30% risk taking account and if you make loss of whole amount then you're eligible to get 70% principal capital you have invested.
      8. This contract you are signing up is valid for 1 year only.

    (Please strictly note it.)

    • If profit occurs and management fees are not deposited during start date 1st to 5th of said month, we will stop working on your account.